Contact ANDES

You can send us email at aznudedudes@gmail.com. Someone will email you back.

The most likely reason to contact us would be to make arrangements to join ANDES; but you can also call to

  • Talk with a gay man about the possibility you might be gay. (Just having sex with another man, or thinking about it once in a while, doesn't necessarily mean you are gay.)
  • Talk about nudism, naturism, and what it's like to be naked with a bunch of other naked people
  • Talk with someone about problems you're being gay might be causing you, like should you "come out" to friends, what is likely to happen if you come out at work, what constitutes "safer sex," and so on

Most of are not trained psychologists so we can only offer our own experiences for your consideration. But, as they say, "a problem shared is a problem halved" and we are willing to listen.

If you wish to join ANDES or attend one of our events, we will interview you over the phone. We never allow strangers to attend our events; each new person is accompanied by a sponsor (and Sandy sponsors guys who call in). You may attend an event as a guest before joining, if you wish--or, if you like, you can join right away! If you wish, you can download an application by clicking here for application, print it out, and bring it with you to the event. Please be sure to review our Rules of Etiquette, which will be printed as part of the application.