ANDES Rules of Etiquette

The purpose of ANDES shall be to provide an outlet for social and recreational gay nudity in a non-sexual context among the men of Arizona.  Our structure is very informal, and our rules and regulations are few in number.  Our purpose is to make all our events as enjoyable for everyone as possible.  Please be aware, though, of the basic policies that are in effect.

1. All names, addresses, and phone numbers of ANDES members are regarded as confidential.

2. Non-members are welcome at any ANDES event as a guest at that one event.  A member is to notify the host of an event of his intention to bring a guest, and must attend the event with the guest.  A local area guest may attend one activity as a guest; after that, he must pay his membership dues before attending further activities.  This restriction does not apply to non-local members of other nudist groups who occasionally attend ANDES events when in the area.

3. We are a social nudist group.  We want members who enjoy nudism as a way of life.  We are NOT a sex club.  Any overt sexual activity during a club event, either by yourself or with and/or toward another member(s) of the club, either directly or indirectly, is prohibited and may result in loss of club membership.  We do encourage dating between club members. Members/guests may make arrangements to meet after an event.  Of course, a friendly hug and kiss are always allowed.

4. Members are expected to show mature behavior at all ANDES functions.  Overindulgence in alcohol is discouraged, and may result in the loss of club membership.  The use of illegal drugs (including marijuana) at our events is prohibited, and WILL result in the loss of club membership.

5. Members attending ANDES events shall bring a towel to seat themselves upon.  Members are encouraged to leave valuables at home.

6. Most ANDES events are intended to place a minimal financial burden on the host and the club treasury.  Refreshments are often on a BYOB/potluck basis or paid for by event fees as noted in the announcement of the event.  The Management Team shall each year determine which events shall be club-sponsored (as opposed to member-sponsored).  Any member who RSV's for an event and does not cancel before the RSVP deadline is responsible to reimburse the host. At club-sponsored events, members shall pay no fee.

7. Smoking at an ANDES event will be determined by the host or the rules that govern the event site. 

8. No photography of any person without his express consent will be permitted at an ANDES event. Members should inform their guests about this policy. The host of each event shall decide if photography is permitted. There shall be only one photographer, Management Team sanctioned. The newsletter reporting each event shall indicate if photography is NOT allowed.

9. Annual ANDES dues are $25.00 per person, or $35.00 per couple, subject to change.

10. Each ANDES member shall host or co-host at least one event each membership year.

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